What Is The Price of Teeth Extraction Cost in Seremban 2023?

When facing persistent toothaches and dental issues, a tooth extraction might be necessary to alleviate your pain. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of teeth extraction costs in Seremban for both government and private clinics, with a focus on Lim Dental Clinic.

What is Teeth Extraction?

First of all, teeth extraction is a procedure that involves removing problematic or irreparable teeth from the gums. This process can be performed in a simple manner or through surgical means, depending on the severity of the issue.

Signs You Need Teeth Extraction

Some common indicators that you may require a tooth extraction are:

  1. Tooth decay: When a cavity has advanced to the point where it cannot be treated with a filling or other restorative measures, tooth extraction may be necessary. Large cavities can compromise the structure and integrity of the tooth, making it difficult or impossible to save. Some may also choose to undergo teeth fillings or crowning to avoid teeth extraction.

  2. Impacted wisdom teeth causing pressure on adjacent teeth: Impacted wisdom teeth are those that don’t fully emerge from the gum line or grow in at an angle. This can cause pressure on neighboring teeth, leading to pain, swelling, and potential damage to the adjacent teeth. In such cases, removing of the impacted wisdom tooth is often the best solution.

  3. Loose teeth accompanied by infections: Teeth that are loose due to gum disease, injury, or tooth abscesses often require extraction. These infections can spread to other areas of the mouth and jaw, posing a risk to your overall oral health. Extracting the affected tooth can help prevent the spread of infection and alleviate pain.

  4. Severely damaged tooth roots that cannot be repaired: In some cases, the roots of a tooth may be so severely damaged that they cannot be saved through root canal therapy or other treatments. In these situations, tooth extraction is the only viable option to prevent further complications.

  5. Abnormal tooth positions causing injury to the mouth’s soft tissues: Teeth that are positioned abnormally, such as those that are crowded, misaligned, or crooked, can cause injury to the soft tissues of the mouth, including the gums, cheeks, and tongue. It may be necessary to alleviate these issues and prevent further damage by removing the teeth.

  6. Dental infections: Infections that have spread to the pulp or other parts of the tooth may require extraction if they cannot be effectively treated with antibiotics or other dental procedures. Untreated dental infections can lead to serious complications, including the spread of infection to other areas of the body.

  7. Broken teeth due to severe injury: When a tooth has been severely damaged due to trauma or injury, it may be necessary to extract the tooth if it cannot be restored with a dental crown or other treatment options. In some cases, it can also help prevent infection or other complications that may arise from a broken tooth. You can also choose teeth filling to make you smile brighter again.

  8. Teeth located near abnormal tissue that must be removed: In some instances, teeth may need to be extracted if they are located near abnormal tissue, such as tumors or cysts, that requires removal. Extracting the tooth can help facilitate the removal of the abnormal tissue and prevent potential complications.

In summary, tooth extraction may be necessary in various situations to maintain your oral health and prevent complications. If you’re experiencing any of the above issues, it’s essential to consult with a dentist, such as Dr. Kye Lim at Lim Dental Clinic in Seremban, to determine the best course of action for your specific case.

Tooth Extraction Recovery Process

The recovery process following a tooth extraction typically takes a few days. During this time, it’s important to follow these steps to ensure proper healing: apply gauze to the extraction site for 3-4 hours to stop bleeding and promote clot formation; use a cold compress on the cheek for 10 minutes to minimize swelling; take prescribed medications, such as pain relievers or antibiotics, as directed by your dentist; consume soft foods and avoid solid foods for up to one week; be cautious when chewing food, avoiding the affected area; refrain from drinking through a straw for at least 24 hours; gently rinse your mouth with warm salt water after 24 hours; avoid brushing the gums at the extraction site; abstain from smoking, as it can slow the healing process; avoid touching the wound with your tongue; rest for 24 hours after the procedure and avoid strenuous activity; and elevate your head while lying down to promote proper blood flow and healing.

Private Clinic Teeth Extraction Price List

Teeth extraction services in private clinics in Malaysia vary in cost depending on the type of extraction and the specific tooth involved. For adults, front teeth typically cost RM60 and above, while back teeth cost RM80 and above. More complex extractions can cost upwards of RM350. For children, front teeth are priced at RM40 and above, and back teeth at RM60 and above. Wisdom tooth removal, which often require minor surgery, start at RM600. Additional costs may include a biopsy and report (RM200 and above), incision and drainage for pus removal (RM70 and above), post-operative review per visit (RM25 and above), and treatment for prolonged bleeding (RM80 and above).

Check the price list below for a clear comparison:

Service Price Adult Tooth Extraction:

  • Front Teeth RM60 and above
  • Back Teeth RM80 and above
  • Difficult Extraction RM350 and above Children's Tooth Extraction:
  • Front Teeth RM40 and above
  • Back Teeth RM60 and above Wisdom Tooth Extraction (minor surgery) RM600 and above Biopsy and Report RM200 and above Incision and Drainage (Pus Removal) RM70 and above Post-Operative Review per Visit RM25 and above Treatment for Prolonged Bleeding RM80 and above

Government Clinic Teeth Extraction Price List

For information about rates or charges at government dental clinics, refer to the nearest dental clinic or visit the official website of the Ministry of Health Malaysia to check the latest pricing. Though it may be cheaper to go to government dental clinics, however some cases may be too urgent to wait. That is why our dental clinic is at a more affordable range to serve the community in Seremban 2, so you don’t have to break the bank even without the wait.

Side Effects of Teeth Extraction

Although it is a common dental procedure, can sometimes be accompanied by potential side effects. These may include allergic reactions to anesthesia, which could cause swelling, itching, or difficulty breathing. Additionally, patients might experience swollen gums and bleeding.

Nerve injury, although rare, could lead to numbness or tingling sensations in the mouth or face. Infections may also occur if proper aftercare is not followed. Lastly, dry socket, which is the dislodgement of the blood clot that forms after teeth removal, can cause significant pain and delay the healing process. It is essential to discuss any concerns with our dentist on how to minimize risks and ensure a smooth recovery.

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