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Our dentists in Seremban 2 are graduates from MAHSA University with the passion to provide quality and affordable dental treatment for the community in Seremban 2 and beyond

About Our Dentist

“Hi there! I’m Dr. Kye Lim, the founder and lead dentist at Lim Dental Clinic in Seremban 2. My journey in dentistry began when I was a child, and it was far from a pleasant experience. The painful memories of visiting the dentist deeply impacted me and motivated me to pursue a career in dentistry to make a difference. I am a proud graduate of MAHSA University and honed my skills at the reputable Koh Dental Clinic before deciding to embark on my own venture.

My vision for Lim Dental Clinic was to create a dental practice where patients could receive high-quality, affordable dental care in a comfortable and compassionate environment. I strongly believe that every individual should have access to exceptional dental care without fear or anxiety. My mission is to transform the way patients perceive dental visits and make it a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone.

To achieve this, I have set forth a set of core values that guide our practice:

  1. Patient-Centered Care: I am passionate about putting my patients’ needs and well-being first. I dedicate myself to understanding their concerns and working together to create personalized treatment plans that cater to their unique needs.

  2. Quality: I am committed to providing the highest standard of dental care, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and the latest techniques. I constantly seek opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills through professional development and training.

  3. Affordability: I firmly believe that quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. At Lim Dental Clinic, we strive to provide cost-effective treatments and flexible payment options to make dental care affordable for our community.

  4. Comfort: I understand how stressful dental visits can be for some individuals. My team and I focus on creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere where patients feel relaxed and at ease during their appointments.

  5. Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards, honesty, and transparency is fundamental to my practice. I treat every patient with respect and professionalism, ensuring their best interests are at the heart of all our decisions.

  6. Community Involvement: As a proud member of the Seremban 2 community, I am dedicated to giving back and promoting oral health awareness to contribute to the overall well-being of our neighbors.

At Lim Dental Clinic, my team and I are devoted to making a positive impact on our patients’ lives by providing exceptional dental care that is rooted in compassion and understanding. I invite you to join our dental family and experience the difference we can make in your oral health journey.”

  • Founder & Lead Dentist, Lim Dental Clinic Seremban 2

Our Services

Our experienced and friendly team is committed to providing high-quality, painless, and affordable dentistry services in a relaxing and welcoming environment.

Dental Filling Seremban 2

We provide tooth fillings to repair damaged or decayed teeth, restoring their appearance and function.

Teeth Scaling Seremban 2

Our modern ultrasonic cleaning technologies offer a gentle and effective way to remove calculus and stains from teeth.

Root Canal Seremban 2

Our root canal treatments aim to save infected teeth and prevent extraction, maintaining the health of your natural teeth.

Teeth Whitening Seremban 2

Our professional in-office treatments, combined with at-home touch-up sessions, will give you the brightest and whitest smile.

Crown & Bridge Seremban 2

We offer durable and natural-looking crowns and bridges to protect damaged teeth and fill gaps caused by missing teeth.

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  • Child Dentistry 100%
  • Orthodontics 100%
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal 100%
  • Invisalign 100%

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